One thing that always kept me sane and helps me to relax is having regular back, neck, and shoulder massages. I spend a lot of time sat at my desk in my home office working, and while I try my best to get up and take regular breaks, I often feel a tightness in my neck and shoulders that can only be alleviated through regular massages.

Over the years I have been to a few different places in my local area for massages, and up until August 2019 I settled on booking pampering days at the Escape Spa at Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury. There I could not only partake in a massage, but also use the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym. And if I really wanted to treat myself, I could have an afternoon tea, but with coffee instead as I hate tea of any kind!

The drawback of going to Puckrup Hall was the possibility of getting stuck in traffic. If there was an accident on the M5 people would use the A38 instead, and a few times I found it would take me up to 2 hours just to get home when it should only take me around 20-25 minutes when this happened. I looked around for something more local that I could get to quickly and easily and came across Kay Wilkinson’s Holistic Therapy Centre via a post about it in a Facebook group about my local area.

I was intrigued, and the photos of the centre looked very inviting and relaxing, so I booked a 90 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. When I got to the centre and I met Kay for the first time it felt like I had known her for years, we got on like a house on fire! I came away from my first massage with her feeling incredibly relaxed and like a million dollars!

Massage has a variety of benefits including the easing of stress and anxiety, improving posture after sitting down a lot, easing muscle pain, and improving sleep, and unlike previous massages I had where I would start to feel tension in my back and neck again after only a week, I didn’t feel anything for a good month or more. I knew that Kay was the massage therapist for me and booked massages with her on a regular basis.

I was also attending a Reiki healing group with a friend in Fernhill Heath, but again I was finding the distance a bit difficult to manage. Reiki healing had helped me immensely since the loss of my son Frankie to stillbirth in November 2013 and navigating through several other close family bereavements since then, and Kay offered a reiki healing massage, so I decided to give that a try. It was incredible, and I was hooked! I’ve also had hot stone and deep tissue massages when I felt particularly stressed, tense and anxious, and these have helped me greatly.

I had been thinking about becoming a certified Reiki healer for some time, and discovered that Kay offered this service, so I booked a training course and undertook the following certifications:

Reiki Healing 1
Reiki Healing 2
Spiritual Guidance Course
Animal Reiki Healing Course

My plan was to utilise them to help others in 2020 and to undertake my Reiki Masters, but unfortunately the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, and I was not able to do so.

In late December 2019 I had a tarot reading with Kay with the express question of what 2020 would be like for me in mind. Writing this now in early 2021 I can honestly say that Kay’s reading was spot on, especially when it came to my work and career. She also predicted that my Dad would plateau with his rare autoimmune illness, which is exactly what happened. Despite the pandemic I have been busier than ever with my work, and for that I am truly grateful.

The last massage I was able to book with Kay was in early February 2020. By the time it came to booking my March massage, COVID-19 was spreading like wildfire, and on 23 March the UK was put into a national lockdown. It breaks my heart to say that I have not been able to book anything with Kay since then due to the virus, and as I write this the UK is in a third lockdown and Kay has had to close her business yet again due to this. I have however asked her if there are any courses I can do, or anything that I can have  from her that involves distance learning or things we can do online/via Zoom so I can continue to support her as a small local business during this very difficult time.

Kay’s environment is lovely and relaxing, and the combination of massage and Reiki healing was exactly what I needed. I am thrilled to have found her and that she is so close to home for me, and I am gutted that I have not been able to book anything with her since the pandemic hit in March 2020. I sorely miss my massages with her but will book in with her again as soon as the virus allows.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kay to anyone and cannot wait to book a full pamper day with her virus and restrictions permitting. For anyone in Worcester and the surrounding areas who needs a holistic and spiritual therapist to help them, Kay is your person.

For more information about Kay Wilkinson’s Holistic Therapy Centre please visit or her Facebook page