When it comes to moving home, a huge amount needs to be done. Moving home will always be stressful, but you will also find that people often make the same mistakes. These mistakes can be costly, making the moving process much harder to execute and even harder to settle in your new home. Therefore, it is helpful to be aware of these mistakes to know how to avoid them. Hopefully, this will help you to have a smooth and straightforward move. Keep reading to find out more.

Leaving Everything Last Minute

The worst mistake that people make is leaving everything until the last minute. There are lots of tasks that need doing, so you should create a list and get started on completing them as soon as possible. By creating a moving timeline, you can make sure that everything gets done in time and avoid any last-minute packing.

Overpacking Boxes

Another common mistake that is made in regard to packing is overpacking boxes. You will want to minimise the number of boxes that you have to move, but overpacking boxes will make them heavy and hard to move (this can also be dangerous). Additionally, boxes are more likely to break if they are overpacked, so many sure that you put a sensible amount in each box.

Not Taking Inventory

Following on from this, another packing mistake is not taking inventory. You should make a list of what is in each box, making unpacking much easier. It is also helpful in terms of making sure that there have not been any losses during the moving process.

Not Using A Removal Company


It is understandable that people want to keep their moving costs down, but not hiring a removal company makes the move much harder and more stressful than needed. A removal company can take care of all the heavy lifting and transporting items to your new home, greatly reducing stress and giving you more time to focus on other areas. You can also use online platforms to compare cheap removals. You can save up to 75% off standard rates by doing this, which will help to keep your moving costs down.

Forgetting Utility Activation

As mentioned, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done when moving home. One that you will not want to forget about is utility activation – you want to have all your utilities activated on the day you move in (or even before) so that you can get settled in your new home and have everything working as it should. By researching in advance of the move, you can also find the best deals to take advantage of.

These are a few of the main mistakes you will want to avoid when moving home. Moving home will always be stressful as a lot needs to be done in a relatively short amount of time, but you can make the process a lot easier if you can avoid making these mistakes.