Blogging can be tons of fun. You have the opportunity to share with the world your experiences and knowledge, alongside making some lifelong friends that are always more than willing to help share your blog pieces. However, when you decide to make a living from your blog, you need to start thinking more seriously about the time, effort, and money that you’re injecting into your blog. It’s likely that if you’ve been blogging for fun that you’ve made little to no investment into your blog so far. While it’s not impossible to make it big time without spending any money, it’s in your blog’s best interest to consider making some investments to help it along the way. Take a look at these investments you need to make into your blog to make it in the real world so that you can begin your new money making enterprise.

Domain and emails

When people visit your blog, they will instantly notice your domain name. If you’re using a platform such as wordpress, you will be given a domain name that ends in While this is fine for those who are blogging for fun, buying your own domain name and emails for your blog will make the world of difference. You will instantly look more professional and having personal email addresses to give out will also make you look more legitimate as a business.


One thing that’s super important for any blogger is the use of SEO. While you may have a basic knowledge on how SEO works and how you can apply it to your blog, it’s always a good idea to invest in some sort of tool that can help you out with your SEO. offers a premium service that can help you fully optimise your content so that it’s easily found in search engine results.


Whatever you’re selling on your blog, whether it be writing services or even tutorials, you need to think about some sort of marketing strategy. Paying for online adverts that will appear in front of your target audience is the perfect way of driving the right people to your blog. Consider investing in marketing tools to help your blog grow even further.

Guest posting

Finally, one of the best ways of getting your name around is to appear on as many websites as possible. This will mean that you will reach out to fellow bloggers and businesses and ask if you can have a guest post on their blog/website. In this guest post you will include links back to your own content. However, more often than not, authors of blogs and websites will ask for a fee to publish on their site, so be prepared to pay out to appear on their site. Don’t forget to check out the website/blogs metrics so that you know you’re paying the right fee and that your post will get the audience that you want!

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