Most of us now spend several hours a day on our smartphone. While some of the time is work-related and productive, much of our screen time is spent on social platforms, games, and video streaming sites. Wouldn’t it be great of we could make a little extra money for something we are already doing? As it happens, there’s no shortage of apps that allow you to make a little extra money, or provide you with a resource where you can maximise the impact of your screen time on your wallet.

The best type of app for you will depend on how you use your smartphone. Below are a few options for a variety of purposes.

Earn While You Watch

Viggle is an app that collects data about what you watch and listen to, but not just on your smartphone. You open the app even when you’re watching TV or listening to music. The app will automatically identify the media and pay you for every song or show. The data collected about entertainment enthusiasts is valuable to some companies in the industry, so Viggle lets you spend the points you earn on trips and electronics, or you can simply redeem the points for a gift card.

Get Your Money Making More Money

Some people are put off investing money because of the complexity. However, there is now plenty of tech, particularly in the form of apps, perfect for smartphone addicts trying to make some extra money. Most are totally free, simple to use, and have no minimum investment amount. People can still be hesitant because they think some of these apps could be too much for them. Respectable and trusted investment apps, like M1 Finance, Betterment, Robinhood, or even Coinbase for cryptocurrencies, are all amongst the best investment apps currently available.  Choose any of them and you won’t go far wrong.

Earn while you browse

An app like InboxDollars allows you to earn money while you’re browsing the Internet, playing games, or by taking the surveys on offer. The app has already paid out over $30 million to its community, and you can withdraw your earnings at any point above $30 dollars, and they now have a UK version in the form of InboxPound.

Other apps, like Surveys On The Go, only offer one way to make money. They pay between $0.25 and $5 per survey. It doesn’t matter what your native currency is, as all payments are cashed out through PayPal. Another single purpose app is App Trailers. They pay you every time you watch a 30-second trailer for an app, otherwise known as an advert. The points you accumulate can be converted into gift cards or cashed out using PayPal.

Earn by completing tasks

There are also many apps that are just used as a gateway to connect people who need services. They pay you for completing simple tasks, like checking prices at a local store, being a mystery shopper, or taking a picture of a display at a shop local to you. You can earn money this way using apps like Field Agent, Gigwalk, Mobee, Easy Shift, and TaskRabbit.  

These are just a few of the apps that you can make money from. There are lots more of them if you take a look online.

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