The British thirst for gin shows no signs of waning, with sales in the United Kingdom being worth at least £1.6 billion, as reported by But with demand comes supply, and even a casual walk down a supermarket’s drinks aisle will present an almost mind-boggling array of gins to choose from… from pink gins to sloe gins, hipster gins to the old-fashioned favourites.

To put it bluntly, gin is in vogue, and in this article we’re to run down the top five gins in 2019 to make your friends say ‘oooh, they sure do know what they’re talking about’.

Zymurgoriums Marmalade Gin

If you are a lover of orange or marmalade, then you must try the Original Marmalade of Manchester Gin. The drink contains citrus varieties namely lemon, lime, Seville orange, tangerine, as well as Bergamot. Coriander, Juniper, and floral vanilla have also been incorporated for a jammy and sweet taste. The sumptuous and complex gin genuinely tastes like high quality marmalade. It is best served chill and goes particularly well with ginger ale.

The Zymurgorium was founded in 2012 by Aaron Darke, who had originally named the company Darke Crafts. This brewery and distillery is proud of being the first distillery in Manchester and aims to provide its customers exceptional brewing experience, and diverse tastes.

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

The Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin from Bullards in Norwich is bursting with flavour. Real strawberries are incorporated in the distillation process and later infused in to the spirit, whilst the black pepper adds great balance to the fruitiness. Feel the sweet taste of fresh fruit, peppery juniper, cardamom, lemon peel and a black pepper finish… just delightful!

If you love some English Gin, then you should try this great flavoured beverage the next time you’re in Norwich. Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin meets the demand for innovative and experimental beverages and provides customers with a new way to enjoy gin during summer. The strawberries used are quintessentially from Britain; therefore it is an ideal fit. This gin goes well with ice, strawberries, lemonade, mint and some tonic.

Langley’s No.8 Gin

Langley’s quest to make a balanced London Dry gin to suit the needs of modern consumers led to the creation of a smooth and timeless gin. Langley’s No.8 Gin is composed of 100 percent English grain spirit as well as classic gin botanicals such as cassia bark, angelica root, cloves and ground nutmeg. Junipers, fragrant pine, lemon, citrus notes, coriander seed, sage and lavender have also been incorporated.

The gin is labelled No.8 because its 8th incarnation reached the ideal balance of strength, botanicals and smoothness. This gin is indeed liked by many consumers because it has won multiple awards such as a gold medal during the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2014, Silver Medal in International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2014, and many more.

Bloom Gin

Bloom is a premium, easy-drinking gin from G&J Greenwall’s distillery. The delightful floral gin is inspired by English spring gardens, where the key botanicals are honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo, which provide a more delicate gin drinking experience. You can enjoy Bloom in a wide range of cocktails, or just mix with a dash of tonic over some ice and lemon/lime or strawberries. The bright liquid has earthy aromas and slightly sweet taste.

Expertly crafted by Joanne Moore, who is the first female gin Master Distillers in the world, this dry gin is a world award-winning premium drink. The citrus notes brought about by the pomelo infuse a light freshness flavour, the nectar in the honeysuckle gives fine smoothness, and the chamomile drifts lightly through the beverage.

Whitley Neil

Though it is manufactured near Birmingham, the Whitley Neil gin is largely inspired by African flavours. Expertly stuffed with rich exotic botanicals like baobab fruit as well as cape gooseberries, it is a fine, smooth gin offering light earthy, peppery flavours. Pair this drink with an orange slice rather than lime/lemon.

Whitley Nile is softer and smoother compared to traditional gins, with great tones of citrus and juniper, exotic spices as well as pot pourri. The finish brings out the taste of candied lemon peels, cocoa and light herbs. Johnny Neil is the creator of this outstanding drink, a direct descendant of a lengthy line of expert distillers.