Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated by the adverts on TV. When I was little I would stop whatever I was doing when the adverts started showing and would be glued to them until they finished. I have jingles that go round my head to this day such as “a finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat”, “for mash get smash”, “everyone’s a fruit and nutcase” and “soft, strong and very very long” (can any of you guess the product from these jingles and slogans)?

As an adult I don’t pay anywhere near as much attention to the adverts on TV, and they have got progressively worse over th years compared to when I was a child, but recently two or three have caught my attention and make me laugh so much whenever I see them. So my top 3 favourite adverts at the moment are:

1. The Chicken Balls Song – Hungry House

This ad makes me laugh out loud every time I see it, I love these 2 guys! I wish that Channel 4 would snap them up for Gogglebox, I think they would be fantastic on that show!

2. Rollin’ On A River – The AA

The AA have always been known for their catchy adverts and slogans (does anyone remember “he’s a very very nice man” from the 1980’s) but for the past few years their adverts have been a bit lack lustre. Then along comes this one with the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen belting out Tina Turner’s “Rollin’ On A River” at the top of her voice when her Dad breaks down and the “very very nice man” from the AA comes out to fix his car (see what I did there)! She is a rock chick in the making and such a little diva, I can only imagine what she will be like in years to come!

3. The Singing Dog – Flash

Set to the song “Flash” by Queen, this advert shows a cute white dog that sings along to the song “Flash” and tells of how he “shook off so much mud” that only Flash cleaning spray can get everything clean. A classic!

So what are your favourite adverts? Do they make you buy the products they are advertising? Email me via hello@cybergeekgirl.co.uk and let me know!