In today’s business world, it is always important to be technologically savvy when you are also running a business. Technology can help you work efficiently, tap into more revenue streams, reach a wider audience, and lessen your workload. The important thing is keeping up to date on the most effective technology. Here are some basic technological help that every business should use. 


There are many different apps that are useful to people who run a business. We normally think of apps as ways to access your bank account or social media, but there are so many more ways to use them productively. 

There are apps that can help you manage your payroll. These apps can manage not only your payroll but also the tax and benefits for your employees. Doing this all on an app and having it accessible on your phone makes it more efficient. You can also handle all the tax filings, deductions, and can send digital pay stubs to your employees. 

Other apps help with the accounting aspects of your business. You can see your overall financial snapshot at a glance with an app on your phone. This can help you see your progress towards long-term goals and make necessary adjustments. You can also use it to look at the smaller aspects of your business, like bank accounts, credit cards, and taxes. Tracking financial statements, paying employees, and tracking invoices can all be done via your phone. 

There are also many apps that are specifically designed to help small-business owners and freelancers manage their invoices. Managing invoices and tracking which ones have been sent out and which ones have been paid is important to maintain good financial records. You can personalize invoices to promote the brand of your business and automatically send out recurring invoices, so they do not get forgotten. You can also accept credit cards, track and organize expenses, and create business reports. Profit and loss statements are also easier to customize and create on a mobile app. Having your entire business at your fingertips makes keeping up with the details even easier, and using Databricks Azure can help with this.


Creating videos to help promote your company, advertise a service, or train employees are important for any business. Any videos that you put on your website or use for your business will create an image and impression that either helps or harms your business. It is important to create and use videos that help focus on your brand and give your audience the perception of your business that you create. 

Social Media Scheduling

There are also software programs that will allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance. Doing these posts in batches not only saves you time, but it also ensures that your posts are consistently sent at the peak times for each social media platform. 

Different software programs have different features. There are also free and paid versions of most programs. It is important to research and become familiar with the different options so you can make the right decision based on your post volume and social media platforms.