If you are a business owner, you might be aware of the benefits of company culture. According to The Balance Careers, company culture describes the environment in which your employees work and includes your ethics, goals, expectations, value, and company mission. In simpler terms, it is the personality and heartbeat of your company. Statistics reveal that 81% will consider company culture when applying for a job. How can you build a productive company culture for continued business success? Here are some strategies to consider. 

  • Prioritise employee wellness 

Your employees are instrumental and can make or break your business. That said, an unhealthy workforce wouldn’t be productive, affecting your company in the long run. Therefore, it’s prudent to prioritise employee wellness. Employee wellness proposes that healthy workers help boost your company’s success. This makes it prudent to focus on their emotional, mental and physical health. Therefore, a feasible wellness program reduces employee healthcare costs and workers’ health risks while improving employee wellbeing. 

To successfully implement a good wellness program, it’s best to explain why you are embarking on the initiative to draw them in. Likewise, avoid using the one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with your employees’ health. Instead, leverage personalised techniques for maximum efficiency. Consequently, develop new ways to reduce stress at the workplace and encourage your staff to adopt healthy lifestyles whether in the office or at home. 

  • Hire people suitable for your company 

Despite their top-notch skills and experiences, some people will not function effectively in your establishment. This is because their core values don’t align with your company culture, leading to misunderstanding and less productivity. Research shows that 48% of employees will look for a job elsewhere if they perceive that the company culture is poor. Although you may have a good culture, some people who don’t align with it might view it as poor and will not stick around for long. Therefore, it pays to look beyond skills or needs when hiring candidates for your business. 

Before hiring, ensure that the potential candidates appreciate your business’ core values. You can get a fair idea of this by conducting a behavioural interview. As a tip, look out for the candidate’s attitude to determine if they’re ready to learn and grow with the company. These candidates are less likely to leave your company, reducing employee turnover rates. Avoid the trap of hiring your mini-me, as balanced and diverse company culture is needed for business success. 

  • Appreciate and recognise your employees 

Do you desire to have a productive team in a pleasant working environment? If your answer is yes, you may want to start appreciating and recognising your employees’ efforts in realising your company’s goals and objectives. A recent National Employee Research Survey revealed that 72% of UK workers would work harder if they were appreciated at work. That said, it’s prudent to include this in your company work culture. For instance, you can allow your employees extra time off or appreciate them on your social media platforms. Likewise, a thoughtful gift like a bespoke tie for each employee for company events is also an idea worth trying.