As soon as the word or subject of politics comes up, most people immediately switch off. This is usually because of the opinions they’ve heard from other people about the current state of affairs. However, if you lived your life through other people’s opinions, how different would your life be right now? Politicians are elected to do the right thing for your country, and the whole reason we are given a chance to vote is so that you have the chance of the politician you agree most with win the election and therefore change things for the better. Still not convinced about paying attention? Here are 4 reasons to actually pay attention to politics.

You’ll be aware of worldly events

Have you ever overheard a conversation about something big that’s going on within the world and wondered how you didn’t know about it sooner? It’s probably because it’s politics related. Staying in the know and keeping up to date with what all politicians are doing will keep you aware of events that could unfold like war, or even a change in your daily lifestyle. You can keep up with daily events in politics by watching the daily news or even picking up newspapers on the way to work. You don’t have to understand all of the jargon to know what they are talking about!

No matter how big or small, it actually does affect you

It’s really easy to think to yourself that the results won’t directly affect you. Unfortunately, this is false. No matter how big or small the election is, it could completely change your life. Reagan, Secretary of State has many different views and changes that she would like to make compared to her competitors. Make sure you read up on each competitor to know that you’re backing the right person. So even if it’s simply a change of mayor in your hometown, it’s important to clue yourself up so that you don’t risk changes that you don’t agree with happening to you. Even though you’re contributing only one vote, it can make the world of difference to who ends up winning the election.

You might find a new passion

As mentioned earlier, many people find the subject of politics quite boring, but that’s usually because they are unaware of how much it can impact their lives. The people who don’t find it boring aren’t boring people themselves, they are people in the know. More often than not, you will find yourself gaining a new passion because you’ve got something new to fight for. Whether it’s a housing situation or the great Brexit situation, as long as you’re passionate about what you’re fighting for, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

You can join in on the discussion

Finally, one of the worst situations to be in is being asked about your views on the state of politics at that time. You then continue to listen to all of the different opinions and you don’t really feel like you know what’s going on. Paying attention to politics means that you’re opening yourself up to many new discussions on the matter, which can be both thrilling and challenging at the same time.

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Photo by Jordhan Madec on Unsplash