With all the changes in the world and the reality of lives and routines disrupted, it is more important than ever to look after your mental and physical health. Many people will be feeling lonely, and without the need to be somewhere, it can be hard to stick to a routine. Below are some things that you can do to try and stay healthy during lockdown:

Create a routine and stick to it

Without your regular work or school routine, it is essential to try and create a routine that you can stick to. Endless days with nothing planned can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders, so having something in place to help you to take things one day at a time can help. Try to get up at the same time, wash your face, eat your meals at regular times, exercise, and do something that you enjoy. At the end of the day, you can then sit down and write a list of what you want to get done tomorrow. 

Be creative

Being creative can be a great way to look after your mental health. You can spend any extra time you may have, doing things that you don’t usually have time for. You could read a book, paint, bake or make some origami. Anything that you enjoy that can help you to relax and destress.

If you live in a busy household, carving out time to be creative can be an excellent way to have some time to yourself. It can be necessary and healthy to have a timeout from other people when you have to spend an extended period with them.

Try to exercise

As everyone is being encouraged to stay indoors, few people will be as active as they usually are during their regular routines. When you have to stay at home, it can be tempting to sit around and do nothing, but exercise is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. You could go for a walk or a jog outside, to get some fresh air. If you don’t want to go outside, there are tons of fun exercise videos on the internet to get you moving.

Talk to people

Just because we have to distance ourselves from people physically, doesn’t mean that you have to stop talking to your friends and family. Many people have technology that they can use to ring, message, or facetime people. It may not be the same as seeing your friends and family in person, but it is better than nothing. 

If you plan your catch-up or hang out sessions in advance, put them in your diary as something to look forward to. This will also help you stick to a routine.

Get in touch with a medical professional if you need to

Being in lockdown does not stop other illnesses from developing. You mustn’t feel like you have to avoid contacting your doctor’s surgery, or a private hospital like Weymouth Street Hospital, for advice and treatment if you need to. Leaving issues to develop can mean they get worse and will need more extreme treatment.