Doing simple and inexpensive home improvements has many benefits. For example, even just getting your home professionally cleaned, such as by getting a company like ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to clean your carpets, can make a major difference to your household. Apart from improving the appearance of your home, or maybe adding kerb appeal to the external appearance, DIY tasks can provide practical solutions to home safety and help you save money on water and heating bills. Plus, if you are able to make use of a coupon or code from somewhere like Raise ( to help you get the supplies you need, you might find that these improvements cost less than you initially thought they would. Here are a few home improvements you can do that won’t break the bank.

Install a Stair Runner

If your staircase is slippery, this simple improvement makes it safer and more attractive. Stair runners are easily purchased online, with stores offering a wide range of patterns, colours and materials. Runners must be secured safely, either with adhesive tape, carpet tacks or staples and stair rods. Runners normally come with instructions, making this a simple and low-cost DIY project.

Saving Water

Common problems that wastewater and piped water can often be managed as part of overall maintenance. Leaves in gutters and a leaky tap are simple tasks that if not dealt with quickly, can lead to bigger problems. If the problems like broken seals, clogged lines, corrosion need further attention, then you can call an express plumbing service. Unless you are experienced in plumbing, bigger problems like loose or broken pipe joints, excess water pressure, intruding tree roots and rapid temperature changes require professional repairs to prevent major water damage.

Put in Cornice Mouldings

Cornice or crown mouldings can make a room look less plain and add an elegant touch. Get the measurements right before purchasing the mouldings, ready the required tools and devote a weekend to installing this simple yet charming touch to any room. You can use this guide for installing mouldings to DIY and keep down costs.

Spice Up Old Floors with Paint

Another low-budget but high-impact home improvement is bringing old floors to life with a new coat of paint or varnish. One way to liven up the appearance is to paint the floor in a two-tone square pattern instead of one colour. You can refer to this guide on painting floors.

Spruce Up Old Kitchen Cabinets

This DIY improvement will cost a fraction of even the lowest-priced new cabinets. If your kitchen feels dreary, it may be due to dark-coloured cabinets. Instead of buying new ones, strip the paint from your old cabinets and repaint them in a brighter colour. All you need to transform your cupboards and wall cabinets is some paint stripper, sandpaper, new paint and a paintbrush. Parcel tape and newspaper or an old sheet will reduce paint splatters from drying on other surfaces.

Install Sustainable Floor Insulation

The unpleasant shock of a cold floor after getting up in the morning is all too familiar. You can remedy this by installing a natural cork floor to increase warmth. Cork floors are easier to install than wood flooring. Some manufacturers offer engineered panels that link together without glue or nails. Cork flooring can be laid on top of existing floors, and matches well with plywood or concrete. You can hire a carpenter to install the tiles, or try DIY with the help of this guide.