Going cold turkey is one of the highest reasons why trying to get off bad habits ends in failure. Living a healthy life and prolonging your time on this earth takes time. It can’t be done in one day yet we think if we just drop whatever it is we’re doing and carry on our lives like we have no recollection of the past, is going to work. One the one hand you could say ‘oh ye of little faith’ and on the other, you could say ‘the mind is willing but the body is weak’. Both are true stances to the challenge of self-help and improving your own life. The mind can be strong, but our bodies might have gotten used to a certain food, drink or substance and therefore secrete chemicals that travel up into our brain to try and force us into breaking. At the same time we need to realise that if we don’t take a stand now, we will shorten our lifespan and live far fewer years than our friends and family. So how can this war be won against our own bad habits? Keep doing what you’re doing, but on the lite


Too much black stuff

Coffee, in this day and age you would be lead to believe that most of the population couldn’t live without it. Not a day goes by where London cannot be seen with people carrying plastic and paper coffee cups, walking through all of the zones. Who can resist a hot cup of espresso or caffe latte when the weather is damp and miserable? Once or twice a week should be just enough, getting a cup of coffee or more every single day is just plain bad for you. It comes to the point in our coffee culture that we know we don’t need it to wake up and sharpen our senses, ahead of the workday. We just like the taste. And why wouldn’t you? It’s smokey, creamy and packed full of sugar.

Here’s what you should do to cut back and not consume too much of the black stuff. If you get a cup of coffee every day, then just decrease the size. No more large cups, just medium. Or if you don’t want to do that, then begin by getting a beverage with fewer espresso shots. The cup will be filled with water and or milk more than the concentrated coffee. This is weaker but still gives you a taste or hit of caffeine you need. Stop buying coffee every day, just cut back by one day a week. Then after you’ve managed that for 2 or 3 weeks, cut back by two. Keep the strength of the coffee in check and the days too. Slowly you’ll be weaning off the caffeine dependency.

Don’t be a drag

Why oh why do we start this nasty habit that ultimately will drag us into the grave? Cigarettes are a short sharp dose of nicotine. They bring the brain pleasure with chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. However, these good chemicals are offset by harmful opposites and a whole raft of disgusting things start happening to your body. Your gums and teeth will be the first visual signs that you’re deteriorating. You may start spitting out blood when brushing your teeth and no amount of toothpaste will clean the greyish colour your teeth have now become. It’s a sad sight to behold when you look in the mirror and you can actually watch yourself slowly dying. Surely there is a better alternative to conventional cigarette right? Of course, there is, there’s an entire industry for people who want to lose their nasty habit. However, with a nicocig, you still get your nicotine hit but without nearly as bad or as much of the horrible chemicals in normal cigarettes. There’s no tar build up to worry about in your lungs and although not all the bad effects of nicotine ingestion can be stopped, you face will start coming back to normal. The colour in your cheeks will be back, your teeth will slowly stop from rotting and hopefully, the bad tone on your enamel won’t be past the point of no return.

Don’t want to give up all your nasty habits and go cold turkey? Fine, live life on the lite, just do less of what you’re doing. Coffee should be a pick-me-up beverage, not a daily drink that you should be consuming. Cigarettes are only addictive because of the nicotine in them. You pay for ingesting it with all the other horrible chemicals in conventional cigarettes. That’s why nicocigs have been made, to still give you the nicotine hit, but they’re not as addictive.