We all live busy lives in today’s modern world. Everyone is running and racing to get somewhere and in between, they are hugely switched on via their phones. Many people do vast swathes of work now on their work commute so people feel like they should constantly be doing something. There is little focus on living in the moment and taking time for oneself which can be bad news for one’s mental health. Millennials are a segment of society who are really switched on through their devices but they are also a demographic who are quite health conscious too. Being always switched on can spell trouble for your health if time isn’t taken to keep focus on it in some way. Making time for a daily walk for a minimum of 30 minutes can help but specific gym time too can also be excellent for one’s health and wellbeing. There are also a number of useful apps out there for your phone or tablet to help focus matters. There are of course also a number of poor quality apps that exist also that can be a complete waste of time and money!

The Intelligent Health have produced the below infographic entitled “Best Health & Wellness Apps for Millennials”; it outlines a number of apps that focus on health and wellness; it details the platforms they are available on; it shows the cost (if applicable) and it also mentions their relevant review score. Check it out below!

Author Biography

Nader Akrami is the Executive Director of The Intelligent Health. The Intelligent Health provides highly effective vitamins, nutritional supplements and health products to a wide range of health professionals and consumers throughout the UK.