If you’re about to put out your very first marketing campaign, you might be feeling a variety of emotions; you’re excited for getting the word about your business out there, but you’re also probably anxious no one will pay attention, and maybe you’re even feeling confident that your product is what people are looking for. It’s confusing!

But when it comes to impressing with an initial marketing campaign, which you’ve never done before and you’ve taken a crash course on how to make people sit up and pay attention to you, now’s your chance to brush up a little bit more. Because you’ve still got time to tweak things, so feel free to go through the tips we’ve collected below. 

Put it on Social Media

Social media is the place to be for businesses in the modern day and age, and that’s why it’s the best place to put your very first marketing campaign. After all, you’ve got to put yourself where the people are, and you need to make your marketing strategy easy to carry out. When you’ve got an ever evolving timeline to make use of, you can do just that! 

Social media makes it easy to interact, and to keep an eye on how the picture of your business is evolving. You can post easily, whenever you need to, and you can catch people when they’re most active online – indeed, a lot of research has gone into this! All in all, you can be sure that your campaign is in the right place to impress. 

Put it in a Video

You’ll want to diversify the media you put out there, and you’ll want to make it easy to follow. And that’s why it’s best to put your marketing campaign in video form. Not only is this easy to understand, and will be posted in a clear chronological order, but it’s much easier to tell a story when you have both audio and visual power on your side. 

So, why not get in touch with someone who could make you something like a 3D animated explainer video? It’ll be a video that moves fast, and is easy to pay attention to, and more importantly, would catch an eye or two if posted to a social media timeline. 

Put Some Effort into Your Following Plea

And finally, don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you on your social media platforms, or to visit your website. You just need to put a bit of effort into your plea. 

You need it to look good and flow nicely with the rest of whatever you post. Maybe offer your viewers or listeners something in return for clicking through a link? All in all, if you want to impress with this method of marketing, you need it to sit well with a visitor. Most of all, don’t be demanding, or sound like you’re begging. 

Your very first marketing campaign has got legs, and it could go very far!