We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. In the first few years, it is easy to make the right choices and make them get used to eating their fruit and greens, take on a sport, or respect others. As soon as they go to school and peer pressure kicks in, however, the job becomes much harder. Below you will find a few tips on how to make your kids take on habits that will help them become a happy and healthy adult.

Bridge the Generation Gap

One of the main challenges of parents is getting their kids to respect and love older members of the family and come to a common understanding. Chances are that once your kids become teenagers, they will refuse to take part in family events or get out of spending time with you. To bridge the generation gap, you will have to look for things that are common instead of those that separate people of different ages.

Teach Them to Love Animals

Kids going through hormonal changes are usually emotionally unstable. You can help them overcome the challenges and emotional rollercoasters by allowing them to connect with animals and get them someone who is not judging them and loves them unconditionally. Children in a pet friendly home will be happier and healthier.

Encourage Their Passion

As a parent, it is your responsibility to find out what your kids are interested in and support them. Whether you have a boy who is keen on basketball or a girl who would like to become a designer and started planning outfits at an early age, you will have to help them follow their passion in life. Even if they don’t end up choosing that profession, they will always remember that you did everything to help them.

Reward and Praise

While house rules are important, you will also have to create a reward and recognition system at home. Never forget to reward them when they get  a praise from school or do particularly well in their exams. If you get positive feedback from other parents about your kids’ manners, you can point out how proud you are of them.

Keep Them Active

It is also important that you act as a role model and keep your kids active. Whether you go hiking or camping together or learn survival skills, rock climbing, or play tennis regularly, they will see exercise as a way of connecting with you. When choosing presents, you can opt for a Swegway Hoverboard to encourage them to spend more time outside. Go on trips, hikes, walks, and find a sport you can enjoy together.

Raising happy and healthy kids who don’t sit in their bedrooms all day on their gaming consoles or mobile phones is a parenting challenge. If you would like to help your kids take on positive and helpful habits and deal with their emotions better, find a way of keeping them active and passionate about things that interest them.

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