For some homeowners, cleaning can be a real chore. Tasks like cooking and DIY may seem more enjoyable as they allow scope for creativity and innovation, but cleaning is often just a box to be ticked, a pragmatic necessity which can only be ignored for so long.

What if there was a way to make cleaning more fun, or at least no so labour-intensive? What if you could just leave the mundanity of cleaning to machines and robots that will take care of the task? ‘What if’ no more, because this has now become a reality, as you can see in the infographic below from Cleaning Services Group.

Cookers can be among the toughest surfaces to clean, with grease stains gradually setting in and becoming very stubborn to remove. A device named the Sonic Scrubber is hugely effective for this purpose, with electronic, quickly-rotating bristles eradicating tough stains on cooker surfaces. However hard it might be to clean cookers, barbecues are even tougher. Let’s thank our lucky stars, then, that you can now purchase a robotic grill cleaner which will have your BBQ sparkling again after you’ve used it for a pleasurable summertime cook-up.

Window surfaces can also be traditionally difficult to clean, requiring a lot of attrition, elbow grease and paper towels which would quickly disintegrate and stick to the glass. Karcher’s Power Squeegee sprays into the glass and glides smoothly along the surface, effortlessly removing stains without leaving any streaks on the window. This rechargeable device is so simple to use and takes a lot of the effort out of cleaning your windows.

Read the infographic below to find out more about other great cleaning gadgets which you’re sure to love:

About The Author

David Smith is the owner of Cleaning Services Group, providers of a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial cleans to a wide spread of clients throughout the UK, with its head office located in Bournemouth. He worked as a teacher for more than 20 years in the UK and Malta before going into the cleaning business.